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Below are just some of the testimonials I have received over the years. I run my business with service, honesty, accuracy and timeliness as the cornerstones of all repairs I do.

A.L. wrote in January 2010:
I have been a regular customer of Home Car Care Mobile Automotive Service since 2007. Robert Loglisci has been instrumental in keeping my older vehicle running until I can purchase an electric car.
Robert has been recycling used oil, batteries and any other materials that can possibly be recycled, since before it was fashionable or required by law.
I have found Robert to be painstaking, thoughtful and meticulous. There is no mess or waste left when he is finished an automotive repair or maintenance job, and absolutely no oil or other deleterious fluid left to wash into the storm sewers.
It is worth noting one further environmentally beneficial result of his conscientious work.  Robert does not waste resources by replacing parts that do not need replacing, nor by performing work that is unnecessary.
G.B. wrote in April 2010:
My wife and I have had Robert Loglisci of Home Car Care a mobile car repair business look after the mechanical needs of our cars, since 1994.
He has always been very professional in his work and to the environment. When he has worked on our cars there is not mark inside or outside. Everything is cleaned up and there has never been as much as a spot of oil on our driveway.
He checks out all the systems in a car, from one end to the other to make sure everything is well.
We recommend him to our clients and friends who like us appreciate that we don't have to take our cars to some other garage. We have found Rob to be absolutely honest in his business.
P.A. wrote in April 2010:
This is to confirm that Home Car Care have been maintaining our vehicles since 2001.
We have always been extremely pleased with the service that has been provided by Robert Loglisci.
In particular, we have always been impressed with the meticulous and thorough care that is taken to protect the environment. Robert always ensures that all waste products are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, he uses environmentally friendly supplies, and he always leaves the work site clean and tidy.
Home Car Care's practices are an excellent example to all businesses, and individuals, on how to protect our fragile environment and we are privileged to have Robert meet our automotive service needs.

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