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Repairs Home Car Care Does:

Belts and Hoses
Oil Changes
Computer Diagnostics
No Start Problems (please go to the NO START page and read this first)

In Addition To:

Computer Diagnostic Repair, using OTC 4000 Enhanced Scanner and Fluke 98 II Scope Meter
Check Alternator Charging System and Battery Load Testing with Snap-On AVR Meter

Using Special Equipment:

Specialized On-Board Equipment is a necessity to service your vehicle. Vehicles of today are operated by computers. The computer scanners and scope meters that are used to check your vehicles, are all in small carrying cases that I have on-board. Technology has made equipment so small that there is no need for big box analysers that take up a lot of valuable space.

When your check engine light (MIL light) is on or you have a driveability problem, we can take these hand held scanners with us to record and check information while driving the car. This is common practice now in dealerships and most repair shops. Technology has made it more convenient for the mobile repair service. For today's repairs, diagnostics is sometimes half of the repair. With modern electronics, this makes it a real challenge - even for the best technicians.

New Vehicles:

HOME CAR CARE WILL ALSO SERVICE YOUR NEW VEHICLE. I use original parts from the dealerships for regular, scheduled maintenance (oil changes, filters, etc.), so that there are no warranty issues. Example: for my own family vehicle (2002 Subaru Outback), I purchase parts from the local dealer for regular maintenance, while on warranty. Any warranty work goes back to the dealership.


The best way to keep your vehicle running well in addition to keeping the environment clean, is to have regular maintenance done on your car. This includes having the oil changed once every 6 months, in addition to replacing the filters, checking and replacing other fluids, belts and hoses, checking driving lights and tire pressures and tune-ups. This is what Home Car Care can do for you - right at your door! Home Car Care also sends out Reminder Cards every six months (to preferred customers who like to be on a regular maintenance schedule for their vehicle).

All used oil and waste is removed for recycling. There is no mess left after the job.

For an accurate price on brakes, a brake inspection is usually required.

Repairs Home Car Care Can Not Do:

I am also asked if I do major repairs such as clutch work, transmissions, engine repairs (head gaskets or timing belts), major oil leaks, etc., and car inspections. Unfortunately, I do not do these types of repairs mobile - they should be done in a shop. Some no start problems must also be repaired in a shop, please read the NO START page for specific details.

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